Sphero vs Ozobot

Sphero are a robcit ball that uses 3 different types with different movent then the Ozobot . With the Sphero it can dive and the Ozobot it is smaller . With the Ozobot it makes sound and with the Sphero the sound comes out the computer . The Ozobot is more brakeabull than the Sphero . With the Sphero you have to use the computer the whole time with Ozobot you don’t .

All About My Avatar

This is My Avatar i made it on https://www.moeruavatar.com/index_en.shtml

I made my Avatar with dirty blonde hair and green eyes because I have both . Then I put the elf ears because I liked them. I put  the blue skirt because it is one of my fav colors . Then I found the top and earings . Last you hit download .